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. . Midwest Meta is your resource for all things spiritual; such as divination practices, occult facts & guides, personal takes on the metaphysical, etc. I have guides to help any beginner start certain metaphysical practices, I include random fun facts exposing myths from the truth & I have a store for all your materials and supplies as well. I hope you take the time to explore my site and benefit from all the informational blogs I have written. To check out my blogs that extend past the spiritual realm, go to my extras tab and see my other blog topics. Thank you & feel free to suggest topics or send me your questions!

Divination / Metaphysical / Occult / Spiritual Arts

The different types of practices which includes, but is not limited to;

  • Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Astrology/ Horoscopes, Numerology, Meditation, Ouiji Boards, Affirmations, Lucid Dreaming, Telepathy, Crystal Pendulums, Cartomancy, Crystal Balls, Psychic Predictions, and so much more.

Anything considered ‘witchcraft’, but be aware associating the above listed as witchcraft is incredibly ignorant and is very false information.

. . Hello I am L.B. Gypsyfire , Leo/Virgo Cusp, 30 years old, & I am the wizard behind the machine in Oz. I have been a believer in the ‘supernatural’ my whole life but have only started practicing divination arts about three years ago. With only several years of experience, I rely on my impressive stats of over 100 readings for other people and no ‘failed’ or inaccurate readings to consider myself a pro in the field.

The Pentagram

. . . The Pentagram, as seen to the left, has gotten a harsh reputation over time as being a devil worship symbol, which has become the main reason its considered ‘bad’. However, that is not what a pentagram is or is used for(devil-y things I mean).

. . .It is a spiritual symbol which represents the four elements as a point and then you make the fifth point, typically the top point being you and following the order you’re comfortable with. It is just a symbol of unity and completion, not of anything satanic or malevolent. To the right is a visual example of what the pentagram represents.