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. . . When Tarot comes to mind, not everyone pictures the same deck. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs used for Tarot Decks. Tarot and its deck design has changed with the centuries as they passed, each alightly similar but massively different. Here I go into the most popular / my favorite decks, designs, when they were made & by who.

by Giuseppe Mitelli in Bolognese , Nothern Italy

. . . The Tarrocchini was a copper engraved deck commissioned to be made by Count Bentivoglio of Bologna by a prolific Bolognese artist, Giuseppe Mitelli. Later duplicated on copper plates and blocks of wood which is just a testament to how beloved this deck was in Europe. It was later published in the 18th century & is still being used around Europe.

Bologna has the oldest documented tradition of divination with tarot

by Claude Burdel

. . . . The second runner up to the most popular deck goes to

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