Never will I ever forget the dream I had at the age of 24 that woke me up spiritually. It isn’t just because my Grandpa died upstairs from me during my nap, or even because I saw his passing from his body while in my dream. It was a voice I had heard, before I saw my Grandpa out of the shell of his body and happily disappear, that really shook everything I thought I believed about spirit and whatever I thought God was.

Christmas with my brothers & grandparents circa 1996

By the time my Grandpa was brought to my Moms house, he was already pretty far gone. It wasn’t cancer or any disease that killed him, it was really just losing my Grandma to leukemia that started his descent. A few years after she was gone, my Grandpa was ready to follow. He had been in the hospital for like two weeks and he wasn’t getting better, it was his time to go so Mom brought him to the house to die with his family. My stepbrother stayed in the room in the basement and my brother stayed in the basement living room, I lived a few streets away but I wanted to be closer to my Grandpa so I had Mom take the spare bed they had put up to accommodate the special bed for Grandpa and set it up for me in the basement too. It was his first day there, I had just arrived and went into the room Grandpa was in, he wasn’t coherent so it’s not like I know if he even heard me say I love you or if he realizes I kissed his cheek and left the room. It was hard seeing him like that, and I was not ready to lose him. I decided to take a nap, so I went downstairs and closed my eyes. I was laying in my bed still, when I suddenly hear two women upstairs, one was familiar and calm so it had to be my mom since I knew she was home plus the other woman I had no idea who it was I never heard them before so the first lady had to be my Mother, right? The second lady was also hysterical, wailing cries so loud it washed out what my Mom was saying. I’m pretty nosey, so I went up the stairs to see what the hell and who the hell was here. I get to the top of the stairs and look down the hallway to my grandpa and it goes dark. I know, not sure entirely how, but I KNOW there is a piece of my memory missing but one day I will remember.

Suddenly I was shook awake by my mom, she was wailing and screaming at me, I had never heard her sound like that ever….she was the second womans voice? She kept repeating the words,’He’s gone, he died”. I was in shock, if my Mother was making those sounds and was the unknown woman in my dream….who was the familiar voice? Plus, why did I feel calm and happy for my grandpas passing? I cried when I saw his lifeless body, not because I was sad but because I was freaked out about how chill I felt at his passing. Basically I believe I encounter my Grandma, the familiar voice, at the top of the stairs and she was helping my Grandpa pass happily into the next whatever, and so thats why I was at peace with his death since I knew he legitimately was in a better place with the love of his life. Thats the only explanation I can think of in my head of why I had this weird knowing my Grandpa was gone, I was cool with him being gone and who the second voice was that was very familiar to me.

Me, 24, wearing Grandmas necklace& hat to Grandpas funeral

I really started to dive deep into my psyche and my Psychic abilities after that, something about me has always been sort of pushing that part of me into the back of the closet, not wanting to embrace it out of fear. But that day changed me and made any fear dissipate into curiosity. I am still learning, still growing. But now you know what it was that catapulted me into this type of stuff I guess! Thanks for reading <3

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