Kindness – Caring – Nostalgia – Memories – Childhood

. . . . The VI of Cups is a card that represents innocence guiding you to a solution, pulling an answer from your childhood to guide you through the troublesome present. It could also mean being thankful for small gestures of kindness, or brightening someone else’s day in an altruistic manner.

. . . . I believe my interpretation leans more towards the altruism aspect of the card, as my issues in my today have no link with something from my childhood. I have however been doing well financially, so naturally I was inclined to be more charitable and so I donated to my favorite local animal rescue, and I gifted several people (a mix of friends and strangers) with money with no intent to get anything back. I had sent my couple friends, we’ll call him C and her Rose, a few hundred dollars secretly, he had asked for my help with Cash App and their bitcoin features and I used that opportunity to see his Cash App name really quickly. He had to go, and after he left Rose and I were discussing me getting blessed and she mentioned she wished they had gotten a blessing so naturally I joked that she did and revealed that I had sent them money. Later that night I had gotten a message from C saying,

Are you kidding me I had no idea [Rose] & I came out to get food and I saw what you did and I literally have tears running down my face looking like a cry baby in public

I told him I loved them and was glad to bless them & wished them well. They have always been like family of course I didn’t mind, and I would do it again. Never forget the ones who have been there for you.

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