. . . .Whatever your religion or beliefs are, you’ve been made aware of crystals and the energy that they store and emit. If not, well what have you been doing with your life living under a rock? Oh yeah pun intended. Anyways, Crystals are often associated with witchcraft or Wiccan religion, but if you are one of those who automatically associate witches and crystals I must warn you of the ignorance and encourage you to see the value in stones and not dismiss something so beneficial to your life energy.

. . . .Crystals are made from Geodes which all together can be considered stones or gems, or to generalize, a rock with the ability to store and channel energy to or from itself to you as long as you are in physical contact with it. There are thousands of crystals with many different uses, below I have taken the most common and listed their different purposes.

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of Crystals and Metaphysical Stones

My personal favorite, it fights negative energy and provides protection to the one who carries it. I literally keep a tumbled (smoother version of crystals) amethyst in my bra to keep it close, it was my Grandmas stone. It alleviates anger, fear, stress, and anxiety.

The most common, or well known of all crystals. It is known for boosting creativity, and for helping one with studying and retaining knowledge.

The stone symbolizing universal love, it restores both truth and harmony in relationships, it also purifies and restores peace.

Typically associated with wealth and abundance, and is very well known to boost manifestation of success and fortune.

Also referred to as Onyx, it is a stone the generates strength, willpower, and of course provides protection to whoever carries it.

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