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Smudging 101

Jumping right on in, smudging is a form of cleansing a space of the residual energy built up. Mostly negative energies, the rest was good energy or decent at least but when it sticks in a space even good energy creates this stagnant, musty feeling that just needs to be dusted off. The act of getting rid of it is called smudging because the … Read More Smudging 101

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Palmistry 101: Back to Basics — Forceteller

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Crystals, Stones, & Geodes, -Oh My!

. . . .Whatever your religion or beliefs are, you’ve been made aware of crystals and the energy that they store and emit. If not, well what have you been doing with your life living under a rock? Oh yeah pun intended. Anyways, Crystals are often associated with witchcraft or Wiccan religion, but if you are one of those who automatically associate witches and … Read More Crystals, Stones, & Geodes, -Oh My!


A Few Terms Related to Spiritual Divination

This is a piece Gypsyfire did not write but has shared for you to enjoy as well


6 Easy Ways to Read Tarot Cards — Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Simple steps anyone can use to read a Tarot card from Stephanie Dreams Tarot, and most don’t require any memorization. 6 Easy Ways to Read Tarot Cards — Stephanie Dreams Tarot


DIVINATION: A Practical Approach


Oneiromancy – Divination Thru Dreams…


Awakening with a dream

Never will I ever forget the dream I had at the age of 24 that woke me up spiritually. It isn’t just because my Grandpa died upstairs from me during my nap, or even because I saw his passing from his body while in my dream. It was a voice I had heard, before I saw my Grandpa out of the shell of his … Read More Awakening with a dream


Tarot Decks Throughout History

. . . When Tarot comes to mind, not everyone pictures the same deck. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs used for Tarot Decks. Tarot and its deck design has changed with the centuries as they passed, each alightly similar but massively different. Here I go into the most popular / my favorite decks, designs, when they were made & by … Read More Tarot Decks Throughout History


Origin of Tarot

” To outsiders and skeptics, occult practices like card reading have little relevance in our modern world. But a closer look reveals that the power of these cards isn’t endowed from some mystical source—it comes from the ability of their small, static images to illuminate our most complex dilemmas and desires.” Hunter Oatman-Stanford; “The Surprising Origins of Tarot” , found on . . . Tarot has quite … Read More Origin of Tarot