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Personal Reading III

Oh damn, and here I was thinking hard about a different relationship in my life (one in my family), hoping to receive a direction about that ever lingering family situation I have going on but instead I was blessed with the important major solution to my real major issue on the forefront in my life& a reminder of what is priority, therefore I was … Read More Personal Reading III


Personal Reading II

Kindness – Caring – Nostalgia – Memories – Childhood . . . . I believe my interpretation leans more towards the altruism aspect of the card, as my issues in my today have no link with something from my childhood. I have however been doing well financially, so naturally I was inclined to be more charitable and so I donated to my favorite local … Read More Personal Reading II


My Reading I

Worry – Anxiety – Insomnia – Repressed Thoughts . . . The Nine of Swords is a card that typically expresses that there is something bothering you that hasn’t been acknowledged or talked about still, and as a result of negligence to that problem there will be an infection that will only get worse unless you address it. You’re advised to seek counsel or … Read More My Reading I


Awakening with a dream

Never will I ever forget the dream I had at the age of 24 that woke me up spiritually. It isn’t just because my Grandpa died upstairs from me during my nap, or even because I saw his passing from his body while in my dream. It was a voice I had heard, before I saw my Grandpa out of the shell of his … Read More Awakening with a dream